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"Early in my writing career, I discovered a bias against new writers by older, more established writers. As I worked on my first book, one author complained to my agent: 'Why the hell is he writing that book? I'm a writer. He's only a secretary.' Right then I decided if I ever got the chance, I would help new writers. After all, new writers represent the future, and without them, there will be no books."

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Raymond Strait, a veteran of the book tour circuit, built an international reputation via his numerous celebrity biographies and syndicated columns relating to Hollywood and the word of celebrity.

Considered an expert in his field, he is a very popular speaker whose books and anecdotes provide a wealth of material from which he effortlessly draws to inform his audiences about the excessive lives of the stars.

Prior to embarking on a career in writing, he served as press secretary for ten years to the late film sex-symbol Jayne Mansfield.

In addition to his numerous books, he has written hundreds of feature articles and columns for major magazines and newspapers covering motion pictures, television, music, sports and politics.

A literate and articulate speaker, he has guested on dozens of radio and television shows, including Merv Griffin, Mike Douglas, Hilly Rose, Geraldo Rivera, E-Entertainment's "Secrets and Scadals" (aired Spring 1998), the special "Hollywood and the Kennedys" (aired April 1998), and the Joan Rivers Show. He also appeared in a CBS Sports "Olympic Special" on Sonja Henie with "60 Minutes" reporter Morley Safer during the 1994 Winter Olympics. Feature Guest on A&E's "Biography" of Jayne Mansfield as well as the Family's Channels' "Tribute to Rosemary Clooney" (April 1999), and a BBC profile of Jayne Mansfield filmed in Palm Springs, California, in June 1999.

November 1997-December 1999--co-host on KHPY Talk Radio's "Spirit of the Law."

Mr. Strait's most recent works include autobiographies of Herb Jeffries (the Bronze Buckaroo and renowned singer with the Duke Ellington Band) and John Clark Gable (the son of Clark Gable). At the behest of the Betty Hutton estate, he is currently completing the autobiography of that famous entertainer.

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